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Rob Bensh




Rob Bensh has spent years within the Oil, Energy, and Finance industries. With a career spanning almost three decades, Rob is known for his expertise, but more importantly for his people-first mentality and edification of those around him. . Throughout his time in this role, he has worked to develop partnerships around the world by placing others above himself and working to fulfill their needs through partnerships that are mutually beneficial to all people involved.

For Rob, a strong sense of leadership is of utmost importance, especially when working to help a company navigate the unique environmental and political dynamics they find themselves in – such as Rob does in his current position. Rob has also served as a Management Committee Member at Gastek/Kub Gas, Senior Advisor to the Vice Prime Minister for the Government of Ukraine, as a Chairman and CEO of Condor Exploration, to name a few. For Rob, all of these positions have helped hone the people-first mentality that he says is so important about leadership.

“To truly take a business from point A to point B or to truly benefit people in any given industry – as a leader – you absolutely have to focus on people and helping provide a solution to whatever problem they are encountering.”
Rob also enjoys sharing his wisdom and knowledge by advising on the energy industry. A thought leader and a sought after advisor by many groups in the market, Rob enjoys sharing his 25 plus years of knowledge in the industry by analyzing industry patterns and determining a forecast. He is also passionate about sharing free content online and helping people get engaged in an industry that many may be unfamiliar with.

Rob Bensh received his undergraduate degree from Arizona State University in Political Science and History – a well-rounded education he is incredibly thankful for, and something he credits to helping him in his career. Rob also received his Master of Arts degree in Global Security from Arizona State University.

In addition to his career, Rob is passionate about travel and has been around the world and back due to his career in global affairs.
For more, be sure to follow Rob Bensh online and stay up to date with his insights & updates into the world of leadership, International affairs, and travel.



Rob Bensh received his Master of Business Administration – MBA – from Syracuse University’s Martin J. Whitman School of Management.

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