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Not all leaders or potential leaders stick out like a sore thumb. In fact, leadership is not about presiding over another person. Leadership is about working with a team as a functional and cohesive unit. So, some people may find themselves leading more in the background as opposed to being at the forefront of a company or project. This is usually because leaders or potential leaders are solely there for the betterment and self-improvement of their team members. It’s seldom that a leader focuses its pride on receiving recognition, accolades, and monetary benefit. Thus, hirers and CEOs might have to look a little close to find these gems. Fortunately, there are a few standard characteristics and traits to any excellent potential leader. One can spot a potential leader by looking for the following:



A trait of a potentially excellent leader is team transparency. Transparency gives the other team members reassurance while they play their own individual roles. A great leader understands that it is completely okay to be vulnerable and emotionally available to their colleagues. This openness and honesty help to inspire others to express their ideas and feelings more.


Work Ethic

Excellent potential leaders have a great work ethic and aren’t easily distracted. Due to their intense focus, these potential leaders are focused on the end-goal which is finishing the project or task effectively and efficiently. A potential leader also helps others after their work is done. This can be through providing assistance, teaching technological skills, or also checking in with their colleagues’ mental status. These acts of kindness show great consideration and


Panoramic View

Having a panoramic view simply means having a larger perspective and understanding of the bigger picture. Excellent potential leaders are also visionaries who can translate their visions into reality. They see obstacles and seize opportunities that others may not be privy to.



When employers or CEOs see an individual who is eager to work, they likely have found a potential leader. With eagerness, leaders aren’t afraid to take initiative. When everyone else might seem apprehensive or uncertain, potential leaders have the confidence to move forward. They are innovative and have the ability to be flexible in incorporating new resolutions.